Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mangos Orchard in Moms Garden with My Grandmother and my Twin sister
I believe in the power of have a really nice hobby, like cooking, picking fruits with my grandmother and twin sister in my moms orchard in our garden in Brazil.
Summer weekends on my mom’s house were full of so many things— cooking caramel sweets or baking a cake, or going to the garden to take some mandarin or mangoes and eat them only using our mount. I remember that when my grandmother peeled an orange with a help of knife, and with this peel you turned singing the alphabet and when it’s broke this letter will be the name of your future husband. It was so funny trying to find some strange names. It’s crazy how something so simple can be very nice. My grandmother was crazy about orchard and fruits.
But what I remember the best was waking up in the morning and following my Grammy in her bed and ask her to brush her teeth and be there only to be with her incredible and fantastic person. She was the best. Those mornings, I’m certain I ate as many mangoes as I dropped into her basket. The yellow juice dripping off my chin, I could have stayed out there all day, perfectly content on a diet of only mangos.
The taste of a beautifully mango and the nice effect it has on me is something beyond my understanding. My grandmother’s been dead some months ago, and I miss her so much that sometimes hurts. I can almost hear my grandmothers laugh. See her warm, wide smile. I can almost see her at my garden taking a bite into a mango herself.
My grandmother died when I was 37 and have time developed many memories of her, but for whatever reason, the time we spent together in a orchard picking mangos was very strong for me. These memories make me feel closer to her—like I share a secret with her.
While the taste of an orchard of mango is wonderful, nothing is more enticing than the smell. The way the deep, rich scent lingers just above the skin, warming the air, it’s as if—standing there with my eyes closed—everything around me dissolves.
These memories of my grandmother that I have only experienced through the power of a sun-warmed, orchard mango trees make me feel closer to her and my twin sister because we were all three together. I love and miss her so much. Although I'm now living in a large city—far away from my Mom's house andthe smell and taste of my childhood. I realize that my  belief in those mangos is what will eventually bring me to my mom's orchard with my sister and my grandmother.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Antonio Carlos Jobim - "Brazil/Aquarela Do Brasil"

     They know me as a verbal incontinence                 person.            
Suddenly, I lost my voice.
  I miss my voice.
  This country is not mine.
                       I cannot express myself.
     The words are not coming.
   They don’t know the real me.
     They don’t know who am I and sometimes I do               not recognize myself.
     America is a place said to be a dreamland,
                              I’m not dreaming,
  I’m lost,
            I’m completely lost, I need to find my way
Where am I? My heart began to beat faster when I need                   to express my self.   
   I think now after this first six months in New York 
I'm starting to find my way
I hope one day I will find my voice again and be
              Confortable in this new life in this big city as I am in my lovely country Brazil.

Rio - First 2 minutes

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

         If I could do something disappeared in the planet I would choose a microwave. This appliance must be banish forever. Microwave cooking is not natural, nor healthy, and is far more dangerous to the human body than anyone could imagine. Microwave cooking changes the molecular structure of food. If having a microwave in the home were a necessity, then perhaps I wouldn't feel ok, but it is totally a luxury, one I can do without, and to risk one's life for a luxury. Not me. You can install a convection oven, or a steam; which cooks almost as quickly as a microwave, without the possible dangers. 
         Let’s talk a little bit about the history about this appliance. Every thing started with the Nazis who invented the first microwave. Known first as radiomissors, they were used for preparation of meals on a mass scale during the invasion of Russia. After the war, the Russians had retrieved some of these microwave ovens and conducted thorough research on their biological effects. So alarmed by what they learned, the Russians banned microwave ovens in 1976.
         My sister has two lovely daughters and she told me that she had learned that microwave ovens leak dangerous radiation and that her obstetrician had told her to stay away from microwaves when she was pregnant. Further, she indicated that there's lots of proof that microwaves destroy the nutritional value of the food and that food that has been microwaved can cause cancer.
We could dismiss this warning and risk our own health and the health of our loved ones? The effects of direct microwave exposure can be very serious and include corneal cataracts that can lead to blindness, tissue heating, and cellular damage. I never had a microwave, and I try not to eat anywhere that I know microwave cooking is used.

Some alternatives to microwave:

1-   You can heat food quickly in a convection oven. It's just an ordinary oven with a fan. And the food will have better taste.
2-   You can also easily and quickly heat up food, even frozen pasta, by using a saucepan with a lid and a little water.
3-    You can buy a steam.
4-   If you want to cook food, do it the old fashioned ways it tastes much better that way!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I choose a Chef’s hat, a “toque” (in French), because for being a chef we have a lot of rituals and the hat is one of theses. The chef’s hat is a symbol for all chefs.
Could you think of a chef without a chef’s hat? I think everyone has an opinion about the famous chef's hat, but this is very old tradition. The real legend about the first chef’s hat originated in the empire of King Henry VIII when Henry VIII found a hair in his soup. He ordered to had the cook beheaded, and also ordered the next chef to start wearing a hat. Although chefs have worn special hats, or toques, for centuries, it wasn't until 19th century chef Carême redesigned the tall chef's hat. Carême believed that top chefs needed tall hats to distinguish them from the cooks in their kitchens. Careme was the most important chef in history. He made the French cook be recognized. He was the first chef who put the name in the preparations and recipes. All the terms we use today he wrote. He was the father of modern gastronomy.
          The chef hat isn't for style but sheer practical use. They are for preventing every food eater's nightmare of finding hair in their food, purely and simply.
The modern chef's hat is tall to allow for the circulation of air above the head and also provides an outlet for heat. The hat helps to prevent sweat from dripping down the face. I heard that American chefs don't wear a toque, because they want be different from French chefs. For me is not hygienic.
The standard uniform for a chef includes a chef’s hat, double-breasted jacket, apron, trousers and shoes with steel or plastic toecaps, or clogs. When we put our uniforms we are ready to go into action and work with the food and make delicious meals. It's very important work properly in kitchen so why all our uniforms are white. We change our hats Every Day. They are disposable to ensure cleanliness. Now you guys know the true mystery of the chef's hat!! I hope you enjoy this explanation.